💡What is Unikura?

Unikura is the NFT marketplace that allows people to buy and sell physical collectibles.


We store valuable collections from all over the world and mint NFTs to which ownership of the collections is linked. Unikura provides features to buy and sell these NFTs.

Why Unikura?

For all collectors, including those who buy, sell, or store their collections, Unikura provides benefits.

Earn through your collectibles

With your items safely stored in our vault, you will receive royalties with each ownership transaction.

Next-Gen Ownership

We maintain the security of your collections in our vault. To have the physical asset in hand and claim total ownership, redeem your NFT. Our global shipping ensures delivery anywhere in the world.

Secure & Reliable Protocol

Unikura's collections are safeguarded in a top-tier warehouse, dedicated to the preservation of world-class collectibles.

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